2017 Mini-Camp Meal Sign Up

This Mini-Camp we will be re-boarding the USS-CIAS and traveling to the Bahamas for the weekend! Mini-Camp 2017

Volunteers are needed for serving the meal you bring to Camp. Typically 10 servers work best and we ask that all volunteers are 12 years or older. Please check in at the Camp Office, bring a hat to wear (or we will provide a hairnet), wear closed toe shoes and sleeved shirts. If you are not able to provide servers, no problem, just let us know.

Paper goods, drinks and a salad bar are provided by Camp.

If you have questions please call Angie in the Camp Office at 230-7447 and she will answer all your questions.

All foods must either be prepared at Camp or come to Camp precooked and frozen for reheating at Camp. Dishes may be assembled at home but must arrive to Camp frozen as required by Health Department standards. Food provided from a restaurant should be transported no more than 6 miles to Camp. Restaurants in the Fruit Cove/San Jose/Wal Mart area are acceptable.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for continuing the local tradition of feeding our Campers and Buddies in this 34th year of Camp I Am Special.