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Click here to enter your PARENT DASHBOARD.  You will need the email address you used to set up your account and  your password.  Contact the Camp Office should you need help with this.


There are 6 forms required as part of the Camper application.  These participation forms will be uploaded to your Camper's account through the Camp Site account you create when filling out the application.These participation forms will also be available after completing the online application through the Parent Dashboard. 

The Teacher Statement is a form we require each year from applicants that are of school age and currently attend some type of schooling. This form should be given to the teacher ASAP so they have plenty of time to fill it out and get it back to us. Please have the teacher mail, email, or fax this form back to us or you can upload it through the Parent Dashboard of your application account.

The Physician Statement, and Medical Treatment Form (if applicable) must be signed and stamped by your Campers Physician. Upon completion of these forms please upload them to your online account.

There are two options for the Immunization Form.  Either the State of Florida Certificate of Immunization form received from the doctor's office or the 2018 Alternate Immunization Form must be submitted.  Use the Alternate Immunization Form if your Camper is over the age of 18 or if you elect not to have them immunized.

The Restraint Acknowledgement Form is required for all new Campers.  This is to acknowledge having received our restraint policy. 

The Handbook Form is to acknowledge reading the handbook as it contains all the policy and procedures of Camp.  We hope this will be a helpful tool and answer many questions.

Please also know that it is imperative that you submit the forms as they are a very important part of our decision process, thus late forms make it more difficult for us to make decisions. Please do not email, mail, or drop off forms at the office, if you have a special circumstance please contact the office so we may help you.

As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the office.


Forms are to be uploaded through the Parent Dashboard of your account.  If you email forms, photos of forms will not be accepted, they must be scanned and emailed.

HANDBOOK (required for all applicants)- *the 2018 handbook will be posted soon and will include all of the forms listed below*

2018 TEACHER STATEMENT (required for all applicants)

2018 CAMPER PHYSICIAN STATEMENT(required for all applicants).  This can be faxed to us from the physician's office and we will upload into your account.

2018 MEDICAL TREATMENT PROCEDURES- BOTH FORMS(please bring this form to your Physician along with the Physician statement. The Physician will fill it out if applicable).  This can be faxed to us from the physician's office and we will upload into your account.

Restraint Acknowledgment Form

2018 Alternate Immunization Form- this form is used if your child is over 18 or you decline immunizations for a child under 18.  Children who receive immunizations should submit the State of Florida Certificate of Immunization, which your physician will provide.


2018 Scholarship Form I- complete this form and email, mail or fax to the office.



Whether you are seeking support with your Camp fees from the State, private scholarships, or grants we understand additional information may be needed.  Please click  FUNDING ELIGILITY DOCUMENTATION to access documentation to assist with the paperwork related to Camp I Am Special services, staff training, accreditations and dates.


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