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When is the best time for me to apply for the 2019 Summer season?

We are currently working on Summer 2019 logistics.  Camper applications will open by February 2019. We advise applicants to submit their applications as soon as they can. We do not use the 'first-come basis" system to determine who is able to attend, rather, we weigh a number of factors and variables of all our Campers, including the best possible match from our Buddy applicants.

What level of supervision will my camper receive?

Your camper will never, ever be without the 24-hour supervision and companionship of their assigned Buddy. Also, a Camp Leader is stationed in each of the interior and exterior camp facilities, as well as our on-site Medical Services Team, two Office Assistants, three Support Staff, and the Ministry Director, all focused on camper safety and well-being.

What programs do your offer for campers with Autism?

Our state of the art Sensory Room is always staffed with at least one Camp Leader and is where your Camper, along with their Buddy, can retreat to and relax in to regain their composure and comfort level. This environment is designed to be calming through the senses of touch, sight, and sound. The noises of the daily camp activities evaporate and the Camper and Buddy team can successfully move on to the next activity at their own pace.

What are the qualifications of the staff caring for my camper?

The Diocese of St. Augustine conducts LiveScan Digital Fingerprinting and Criminal Background Checks on ALL employees and volunteers over 18 years of age.  Additionally, the Department of Children and Families (DCF) requires all volunteers, regardless of age, to be scanned through their system prior to attending a session. Our staff is trained and certified in CPR, First Aid, Lifeguarding and Professional Crisis Management (PCM) and ALL have attended the required Protecting God's Children Course.  Our staff are health care professionals, educators, and industry professionals with many years of camp experience.  Our Buddies receive training on all aspects of their Camper's difference, including their needs and challenges, as well as likes and dislikes.  ***More information on staff qualifications coming soon***

What happens if there is an emergency?

Our Support Staff on duty, under the direction of our Medical Staff and the Ministry Director, will call 911 Emergency. The Ministry Director will contact you directly and immediately to keep you informed of your Camper’s situation. Your Camper would be under the direct supervision of the Ministry Director until you were able to safely arrive.

Can Camp I Am Special provide references?

Yes, we are always happy to provide references from our Camper families - many have volunteered and assisted at camp for several years - some have been coming for over two decades!


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