Pal Program

Are you wanting to hangout with Campers outside of Camp?

Then the Pal Program was MADE for you.

How does it work?

You will download and fill out this application. Once you fill out the application please submit it to our office so we can add you to our master list! When a Camper family is in need of help for regular work, or just wants someone to call if they need a night to themselves they will contact us. We will look through our master list and pull our 3 pals, that based off experience, we feel will be best suited for the needs of that families child. At that time we will give your information to the family and it will be there responsibility to contact you.

Camp I Am Special will only take part in helping families find Pals, we will play no part in the scheduling or payment of the Pal, all those arrangements must be made between the family and the Pal.


If at any time you wish to be removed from our Pal Program it is your responsibility to send an email to and let us know.