Camp I Am Special Documentary

Summer 2019 Preview

An insight to each vital piece of our program


Our Buddies

Our Buddies are a vital part of our success. Each Buddy received 24 hours of training prior to their Campers arrival.


Our Campers

Our Campers are the heart and soul of our program, and truly are what make Camp I Am Special great. Their smile will brighten even the darkest of rooms.


Our Support Staff

The Support Staff are responsible for the daily activity structure. They are there to support the Camp Leaders.


Our Camp Leaders

The Camp Leaders are the back bone of the program. Without them there would be no Camp. They ensure the overall well being of both the Camper and the Buddies.


Our Medical Staff

Our Medical Staff plays a vital role in making sure that our Campers are well taken care of during their time with us. We have MA, EMT, EMT-P, RN, BSN, and PA.

Uncle Jim

Our Kitchen Staff

The Kitchen Staff are the ones that keep our belly's full! We have a kitchen coordinator (pictured) who works with our weekly kitchen directors to help meet the dietary needs of all of our Camper and Buddies.


Our Volunteers

Camp would not be possible without all of our wonderful Volunteers. We have groups come out and volunteer to help us with various things from activity time, to clean up on Saturdays. They help make our jobs so easy!


Our Office Staff

The Office Staff is the heart of the program.  The Office Staff and crew of volunteers work all year long to plan and implement the variety of events at Camp as well as maintain accreditation.  There is never a dull moment in the Office!  We can be reached at 904-230-7447.